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AFD's last 150 years have seen the expansion, contraction, and merger of over two dozen firehouses, repair and maintenance facilities and communications sites, as our department progressed to manual pumping to steam [pump] engines to PTO pumps, from manually pulled tandem hand pumps to horses to gasoline and diesel engines.

The AFD Central Fire Alarm Station was the located at 25 Delaware Avenue and served the Department from its construction in 1917 until mid-1967.  The AFD alarm system changed from telegraph to telephone and the dispatchers were joined with Albany Police dispatchers at Division 2.  The building was converted into a senior citizen's center in 1976, but has been vacant since 2008.  The photo on the left was taken June 10, 1937, the right photo was taken after refurbishment that year.  In both photos, the fire alarm station ticker tapes are visible.

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