On-Line Collection: Firefighters

We have begun a collection of short biographies of the hundreds of men and women who have served the paid Albany Fire Department in the past 150 years.  However, due to some privacy concerns, our on-line personnel history will be limited to information that has already been made publicly available elsewhere.

A group photo of the department, taken in May 2007, including line firefighters to battalion chiefs, the administrative chiefs and the support staff.

A unit photo created in 1995, organized by the APPFA for the 25th anniversary of Local-2007.  This photo is of the officers and firefighters assigned to the Tactical Unit, based at Arbor Hill Firehouse.  As part of this series, group photos of every unit were created, plus on of the supervisory staff.

 The APPFA 1999 yearbook, marking the 30th Anniversary of Local-2007, contained unit photos of every active unit, officer and firefighter, and support staff..  Engine Five was and is currently stationed at South End Fire Station.

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