Capital Fund - Possible Museum Site

The Albany Firefighters Museum is pleased to announce the sustaining membership drive to initiate a capital fund to secure a building to house the museum. While exploring different sites in the City we have found one site, the former Trailways bus station at Broadway and Division Street that offers viability and flexibility and has received great civilian and professional support.
The following are reasons in favor of choosing this site:

1. Location:

a. It is located in the oldest area of the city.

b. Historically, most devastating fires resulting in the loss of life of both civilians and brother firefighters and officers took place within a mile of the site, making this location one of the most significant in the history of the fire department.

c. A public memorial to honor our fallen firefighters could be located at Liberty Park at Hudson and Liberty streets.

d. It is in close proximity to other museums.

e. It is in an area identified as ripe for new development as the lands once proposed for the convention center are disposed of.

f. It has easy access to on- and off-ramps of I-787.
2. Site:

a. The Trailways building is approximately 14,000 square feet, not including the open sheltered bus area formerly used for loading and unloading passengers. This area would be developed for the firefighters museum. By creating a showroom, the former bus area (approx. 5800 sf) would be enclosed with glass and visible 24 hours per day. It has a 14-foot ceiling height; limited bearing walls that will allow for larger open areas; it has entrances from both Broadway and Liberty Street; there is an elevator to the second floor, making it completely accessible; an atrium could be designed to create a bell tower to house a historic fire bell.

b. Architect John G. Waite of John G. Waite Associates at 384 Broadway (the historic R.B. Wing Building) in Albany and 64 Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan, has provided pro bono development and architectural expertise to the Albany Firefighters Museum. We are currently attempting to gain access to the former bus station to inspect the site to determine the feasibility of reusing the building for the museum.
3. Financing  

a. Due to the fact that the Trailways building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, state and federal tax credits for rehabilitation of historic properties are available. In addition, Albany County Industrial Development Authority funding might be sought. Parts of the building not used for museum purposes might be made available for long-term commercial leases.

Most importantly, at this time the museum must create a cash flow to show government officials and other stakeholders that the museum can support this building project. The museum needs the help of anyone who has expressed support of the mission to become a sustaining member. We are asking for a pledge of anywhere from $5.00 to $50.00 per month for 12 months or a one-time payment of your full amount. Our goal is to raise $36,000 in 2018. To date, $6,120 has been raised and we are awaiting additional pledges.

In discussion with the city and state officials, we have learned that transfer of title to the building to the city’s economic development arm may happen later this year. In order for the Albany Firefighters Museum to have a seat at the table, we need your support to make this happen.

Thank you,
William Tobler, Chairman

August 2018

How Can I Help? 

Become a sustaining member using form below and submit either in person or via mail to:

Albany Firefighters Museum

532 Central Ave, Albany NY 12206

Can I become a sustaining member on-line?

Of course, just add the words "Sustaining Member" in the box for Add Special Instructions for the Seller (Museum), when you use the Donate button, below.

Also, check the box for Share your mailing address with Albany Firefighters Musuem.

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