On-Line Collection

Until the Albany Firefighters Museum secures permanent facilities for storage, preservation and display of firefighting artifacts relating to the Albany Fire Department, viewing our collection will be limited to the digital copies below.  Currently, the organization is relatively haphazard, with very broad categories.  

We have just begun the process of preparing, digitizing and organizing our collection.  We are evaluating specialized software [Collective Access] that should greatly improve this virtual collection.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of items, photos, etc., in our possession have little to no associated documentation, or incorrect documentation.  This poses a daunting job to be undertaken by our research committee.

In addition, to optimize loading of the on-line collection over slower networks, and to comply with copyright concerns, resolution of most of the items has been lowered.  For example, the museum may own an actual item, such as a photograph, but due to copyright laws, (without legal ownership of the negative) we cannot distribute high-resolution copies of that item that could be used for unlicensed duplications.

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