Albany Firefighters Museum Committees

As members, we need your help.  Please give some of your valuable time to one of our committees:
Membership / Publicity

- to work with the city, the media, the  department and the schools to increase awareness and attendance.  Will also focus on membership recruitment.

- to identify, select and implement appropriate activities to raise funds to support the museum.


- to oversee building acquisition, rehabilitation and maintenance, and develop the long-term plans for capital improvements.
Collections / Exhibits

- to oversee the maintenance and/or professional refurbishment/restoration of artifacts prior to display (on-line).  After building acquisition, will select, develop and maintain individual exhibits of artifacts.


- to correctly identify and evaluate artifacts both in the museum’s possession and possible acquisitions.need to be developed to

- need to be developed to present our artifacts and history to both the physical museum visitors and for the on-line collection, based upon our resources and the needs  of our community and membership.  Also, programs to increase fire safety awareness need to be developed. 

- to develop financial plan, monitor income and expenses and audit committees, working with the treasurer and other committee chairs to maintain sound fiscal discipline for our Museum.

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